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Queen Mary University of London is a global leading research-intensive university with a difference – one that opens the doors of opportunity to anyone with the potential to succeed. Our Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences seeks to broaden the frontiers of knowledge and enhance understanding of the world in which we live. Our School of Business and Management (SBM) is a core part of this Faculty and is dedicated to providing world-class education and research focused on the role of social science for positive social change.

The School of Business and Management (SBM) has been welcoming students into their programmes for the past 20 years. Since opening, it has been committed to supporting  the local community, by working with local businesses, charities, community organisations, and entrepreneurs, to improve opportunities for those who live and work in the neighbourhood. In 2021, SBM was recognised by the UK’s Chartered Association of Business Schools as an exemplary business school for its commitment to the public good. In addition, Queen Mary has recently been ranked as the best University in the country for social mobility and SBM is ranked at No.1 of all business schools in this regard.

The School currently continues to enhance its existing links with the community, welcoming pupils from across London and promoting social mobility.

The new building for the School of Business Management presents an extraordinary opportunity for Queen Mary to enhance its academic distinction, support its dedication to diversity and inclusion, bolster its academic facilities and resources and to continue serving the local community.

The School has been expanding steadily, with around 3,000 students and 100 academic staff currently, and with further appointments planned for 2022. However, its base in part of the Francis Bancroft building is no longer fit for purpose and does not maximise the School’s potential. A new building would provide an appropriate home for the School, reflecting the momentum of its development and providing the best space and facilities for their faculty and students. In particular, it would bring the greatest benefit to the growing number of local students by providing them with the high quality, flexible study space that they often lack at home.

The Site

The proposals seek to redevelop the former Hatton House site, Westfield Way, with a new home for the School of Business and Management and to alter the Lock Keeper’s Cottage at 357 Mile End Road.

Existing uses

Parts of the site are currently not in use, including Hatton House and 357 Mile End Road. The Lock Keeper’s Cottage is currently in use, but underutilised given its location next to the canal and at the heart of the Queen Mary Campus. The redevelopment will provide a new, valuable purpose for the building.


The site is located within the Regent’s Canal Conservation Area. The local conservation area includes heritage assets such as 357 Mile End Road, the 1864 Lock Keeper’s Cottage, the canal edge and towpath, and Mile End Lock.

Queen Mary is very proud of the history and heritage of east London, of which it has been a part since 1785. The proposals reflect this pride, enhancing the appearance of historic buildings and features including 357 Mile End Road, Lock Keeper’s Cottage, the Lock and the canal walkway.

Project Team

 Queen Mary University of London is a world-leading research-intensive university in the heart of east London. The School of Business and Management attracts students and staff from the local area and across the globe. It now requires a new building that reflects its quality and ambitions for the future.

Nicholas Hare Architects is an award-winning design practice. They enjoy working collaboratively to create exemplary architecture: buildings that create a sense of place, and that are sustainable both environmentally and socially.

CBRE are working as the planning consultants on the proposals, and are a team of town planning and development experts with a range of experience across London.

Kanda are specialists in working with community organisations, businesses and residents to ensure they have the opportunity to offer meaningful, early input into local developments. Kanda are running the community engagement and consultation.

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